Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love is a big adventure. But only if you're ready for it. There's no point in going for something when you're not prepared. The things we think we want aren't always what we need. I just know my blessings and good life are way more important than worrying what I don't have. 
Because what I don't have just hasn't arrived yet. 

I'm thrilled with what I do have, and I'm hopeful for what's to come. 
I'm thankful for yesterday, I'm excited for tomorrow, and I'm just simply living today.

This feels like a late-totally-unplanned-I'm-wearing-red Valentine's Day post. Haha.
And, really, it's just a simple reflection on perspective and life. No rush.
Today is mighty enough for me.

So when the time is right (and a little help from Disclosure) - 
it's going to be you and me, and it's going to be everything you've ever dreamed. 

And talking about mighty - this skirt. Without being biased, this new skirt from my collection, 
The Rose Red Wrap Skirt, is kinda amazing. Bright. Bold. Beautiful.

See it here.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

These last 365 days were well lived, well learned, and well loved. So many experiences were entwined in this past year, that I could just burst at the seams. I accomplished life long dreams. I laughed. I kissed. I cried. I kissed some more. I danced. I was swept away by life and it's ongoing adventure. But only because I decided that's what I wanted. And since the journey never ends, I will continue to grow, innovate, and appreciate (and kiss some more). 

I will keep dreaming bigger than ever and feed my soul with anything that makes me happy. 
It's nice to wake up one day and decide what it is you want... and just go for it. 
I highly recommend it!

Recently, I came across a great quote :

"When you doubt yourself and your efforts, keep working. Your creative energy, persistently applied, will soon make the doubt go away.

When you're simply not making any progress, keep working. The breakthrough you seek may be just one more effort away.

When you've enjoyed a great success, keep working. Instead of resting on your achievements, make them even more meaningful by making good use of them.

When it feels like all your energy is drained, keep working. Your determined effort will create their own energy.

When you're not sure what to do, keep working. The more you do, the more you learn, and the more clearly you'll be able to see the way forward.

Life works best when you keep working at it. Keep working, and keep making life truly amazing."

xoxo, tati

PS: And whatever adventure it is that you're up to, this Cobalt Blue Midi Wrap, from my new Furor Moda collection, will prepare you for the occasion.  See it online here.

And, yeah, I really love this bag.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 is better than 3. The other day at the office Daniela, Gaby and I got into a very deep conversation. We had to name five things we would take with us on a deserted island. Please be advised these are modern day wishes.

We went around the able discussing our wishes. Puppies included (Chiki) and a computer as well. So when Daniela said wifi - kudos. Not tangible but legit. I don't really remember my answers, but I do have 5 new ones.

1. Spotify - The soundtrack of life begs to be listened to, even in the middle of nowhere.

2. Wifi - How would I stream Spotify without it? 

3. Stereo - Anything that streams my fave songs - but I don't want a laptop or Facebook. I've already used 3 wishes?

4. Paper + Pencil - Endless paper and a pencil would more than satisfy my my daily craving of writing: you know, all those exciting things happening on the island.

5. You - I probably haven't met you yet, but I definitely want you with me to experience it all. 

And, of course, a cute cover up from Furor Moda's new capsule collection, The Adventure Collection, would round up the list, stylishly.

See it here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I start off everyday with gratitude, but there is something particularly different about today and the upcoming months. They are full of excitement and drive, entwined with a healthy dose of fear. 

My gratitude, ironically, is for all the obstacles I have right in front of me. They keep me going. They make me feel alive. They challenge me. And in return, they grant me valuable experience and growth. And, make that autobiography that much more interesting.

Everyone starts somewhere, but where will they end up? We have full control of where we are and where we want to go. We are inspired by dreams and guided by our ambition. What's the point of setting low expectations, when life is all about the highs? Good things come with time, and nothing good comes that easily.

And I leave you with a little wisdom from Mr. Mandela:
And a little sneak peek of my latest dream coming to life! #TheAdventureCollection
(well, if I don't decide to jump off a bridge first)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rules were meant to be broken. Crop tops and pencil skirts are a modern twist to the everyday (fashionable) professional working woman. Semi corporate. Semi fun.  

The fashion industry is of the few (or only) industries where this attire is acceptable. Definitely in a smaller business environment.  You know the ones with a nonexistent HR department.

So rejoice if you can wear one to work. If not save your crop tops for after hours. Remember , it's never a bad day to wear a crop top. Ever. And who ever tells you otherwise, is not a good friend.

Details about my look:
Brought out my favorite pencil skirt (very old). I paired it with a cropped white t-shirt and jean jacket. Not to forget, one of my favorite Furor bags (Spring 2012) and the never failing to make me feel cool Boxy Sunnies. You guessed right, from Furor.  

Watch for some cool crop tops coming out this season!

Photos by: COVL

Saturday, February 22, 2014

If only we could figure out what we are running from. So, we travel - to escape.
If I could escape, Mykonos would be my first stop.

I've dreamed of the clear waters, clean architecture, and pink sunsets.
Over the years, the ocean has become a calm place for me.
It's vastness and beauty allows me to clear my mind and relax. And create.

Aside from that, there's great food to be eaten, lots of dancing, and a hell of tan to get. I'm working on a project now that is heavily influenced on the adventurous, wanderlusting gal. She doesn't let life get her down, she just goes. She keeps going forward. And, she doesn't even have to go as far as Greece.

But on that amazing first day in Greece, this is what I would wear.
White fedora. Black vneck dress (or anything for that matter). Favorite sunnies from Furor. The epic tote bag from Furor for a splash of color. With a little notebook inside so I can record my memories. And cute guys' numbers. Duh.

So, she keeps walking. Even if she is just trying to escape.

Where would you go if you could escape? And what would you wear?

Bag: Furor Moda
Sunnies: Furor Moda
Necklace: Furor Moda
Dress: Forever 21 (old)

Amazing photo cred: D'ana Nunez